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God says "Let there be Links"

On the first day god created cybertron
on the second day god created Optimus
On THe third day god created Megatron
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Worship and you shall pass

videoflicks: Buy The "shit" version of transformers
Power Master: simply no words to describe my feeling as i enterd the great halls
Till All Are One: groovy info man
botcon: bot con has great stuff

Let there be info

The movie is now available on VHS video in a newly released format. This new release is thus far Canadian-only, and includes all the scenes and dialog of the original American theatrical release. This one is distributed by Malofilm Distribution Inc., while I believe the previous version was distributed by Family Home Entertainment (FHE). Canadians should be able to find it at all the normal places (ie. K-mart, Walmart, Zellers, anyplace that sells kids movies), while Americans will have to order it from a Canadian video retailer like Videoflicks (