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Do you ever wonder where the thoughts that pop into your 
head come from.

Interesting note!
Why in the music culture today are bands and groups that contain 
themes of Devil or evil socially acceptable but if a bands says 
something positive about Christianity....they are put to shame by 
the world

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Proverbs 23:20

Don't wear yourself out to get rich but have the wisdom to show restraint

The GREAT links I have spent hours upon hours finding so enjoy them! Streaming music videos....Windows netplayer required movies news anything actually
KALI: Online Games...Very cool
LINUX: linux will overthrow MS
emux ROMS: Everything is here
cd now ... BRUCE DICKINSON CDS AND MERCHANDICE: buy cds and stuff and this great place
Detailed info on Pink floyd, Bad Religion and Bruce Dickenson: Detailed info on Pink floyd, Bad Religion and Bruce Dickenson( TheSmac's continuation of this page)
Jam TV: Music videos in REAL format...I still think that is a little better

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